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Iatrogenic stenosis Conclusion Iatrogenic stenoses are of course not specific to the elderly ciplox 500 mg amex. Lumbar spinal stenosis is a very common condition in the They can happen after spinal surgery at any age (Fig. In most cases it is due to degenerative changes, However, some spinal disorders specific to the elderly are the changes can lead to symptoms by themselves or de- often treated in very aggressive way, and the generous use compensate a preexisting narrow canal. However, it must 93 be stressed that so-called stenotic images (sometimes se- of the neural pathways and differential diagnosis with vas- vere) are present on imaging studies in a great number of cular troubles, also common in the elderly, can be chal- symptom-free individuals, and that the relationship be- lenging. The investigation of stenotic symptoms should tween degenerative lesions, importance of abnormal im- be extremely careful and thorough and include a choice of ages, and complaints is still unclear. Lumbar stenosis is technical examinations including vascular investigations. Various conditions can lead to a narrowing tion is considered to avoid disappointing results. Sasaki K (1995) Magnetic resonance (2003) Differential diagnosis in patients treatment of Paget disease of bone. Berney J (1994) Epidemiology of nar- in the course of gaseous degeneration neurosurgical sequalae of Paget disease row spinal canal. Boden S, Davies DO, Dina TS et al 699–704 Thickness of the human ligamentum (1990) Abnormal magnetic resonance 14. Lane WA (1893) Case of spondylolis- flavum as a function of load: an in scans of the lumbar spine in asymp- thesis associated with progressive para- vitro experimental study. Schrader P, Grob D, Rahn BA (1993) 408 al (1996) Amyloidosis related cauda Histological changes in the ligamen- 4. Orthopade 22:223–226 resonance imaging of the lumbar spine Spine 21:381–385 29.

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The ment of most skin disorders implies an under- distinction between the two aims (i buy 500mg ciplox. In spite of the fact that, from a clini- as a continuum of severity rather than a yes or no cal point of view, distinguishing between disease phenomenon. On the other hand, there are prac- severity levels may represent a different issue tical advantages in trying to translate the contin- as compared with assessing clinically important uum into a limited number of workable severity changes in individual patients, the two issues are categories. The main advantage is a better com- usually dealt with by relying on identical scale pliance with the discrete nature of most clinical systems in dermatology. Even are tumour staging and arterial hypertension a simple measure such as the approximate per- definition). Unfortunately, for many inflamma- centage of area involved in a skin disease is tory skin disorders no reliable severity criteria prone to wide inter- and intra-observer varia- have been developed. Even when such criteria tions if the evaluation methods are not clearly are available, there is uncertainty about sever- specified. Consequently, large variations are ments, a large number of different scales have expected to occur among different RCTs and, in been developed for such common disorders as fact, have been documented on several occasions. The last two are if the PASI index accurately quantifies disabil- judged according to the body district analysed. The outcome of skin disorders arbitrarily attributed to each item in the PASI that affect the quality rather than the quantity of score actually reflect the clinical severity of life is expected to be largely culture-dependent. An additional drawback of PASI is that the simplest and most objective outcome vari- similar scores can be attributed to varieties of ables are preferable. Such measures as complete remission or recurrence should be preferred, pro- psoriasis which differ clinically and in terms of 23 vided that these categories are clearly defined.

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CHAPTER 30 NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT PRODUCTS AND DRUGS FOR OBESITY 441 Hydroxycitric acid (HCA ciplox 500mg mastercard, found in CitriMax) apparently 2 culate or estimate the BMI; a BMI less than 18. If so, calculate the BMI Laxative and diuretic herbs (eg, aloe, rhubarb root, buck- or use the information in Table 30-5 to estimate the BMI. These products cause a sig- or aggravated by excessive weight, if there is interest in a nificant loss of body fluids, not fat. Adverse effects may in- weight-management program to improve health, and what clude low serum potassium levels, with subsequent cardiac methods, over-the-counter products, or herbal or dietary dysrhythmias and other heart problems. In addition, long-term supplements, if any, have been used to reduce weight. The use of laxatives may lead to loss of normal bowel function and nurse must be very tactful in eliciting information and as- the necessity for continued use (ie, laxative dependency). LipoKinetix, a combination dietary supplement, was re- sessing whether a client would like assistance with weight cently associated with severe hepatotoxicity in 7 young (ages management. If the nurse–client contact stems from a 20 to 32 years), previously healthy people who developed health problem caused or aggravated by excessive weight, acute hepatitis. Five Japan- the client may be more motivated to lose weight and im- ese patients were diagnosed in 1 month or less; two white prove health. Three people • Does the client have symptoms, disease processes, treat- were taking only LipoKinetix; four were also taking other ments, medications, or diagnostic tests that are likely to supplements, which they resumed later without recurrence of interfere with nutrition? The ingredient(s) • Check available reports of laboratory tests, such as serum responsible for the hepatotoxicity was unknown. Nu- tions were considered idiosyncratic, and no other cause of the tritional disorders, as well as many other disorders, may hepatitis was found.

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Dissatisfaction number of patients into either the randomised or with the allocation may lead to differential com- the preference arms is also a problem discount 500mg ciplox amex, as the trial pliance and follow-up resulting in groups which will not be completed unless the appropriate num- cannot then be assumed to be similar. The out- ber have been recruited into the two components of come measures could also be affected by how the trial. The situation may be further complicated satisfied patients are with their allocated treat- by patients favouring one treatment over another, ment. The effect of patient preference on outcome making comparison of the two groups in the pref- would depend to a great extent on the specific erence arm more difficult. If the principal out- A further problem with this approach lies in come is death or live birth, then the effect of the analysis. Any comparison using the non- patient preferences is likely to be small. If the randomised groups is unreliable because of principal outcome is satisfaction with care, then unknown and uncontrolled confounders. Patients with strong preferences are allowed their EQUIVALENT TRIALS desired treatment. For example in a trial Often in reproductive health care the aim is to of medical and surgical termination of pregnancy show that one treatment is as effective (equiv- we end up with four groups–randomised to alence), or no less effective (non-inferior), as medical, randomised to surgical, prefer medical another. The size of a total PRPP lence trials, attention must be given to defining cohort will need to be much larger than for a con- an equivalence margin. In addi- riority trials, larger sample sizes are needed tion, the number of patients in the non-randomised to demonstrate equivalence. The equivalence trials, conventional statistical testing GYNAECOLOGY AND INFERTILITY 343 has little relevance and interpretation of results to generate debate amongst clinicians. Disagree- should be conducted though use of confidence ment about the definition of a particular condition intervals in relation to the predefined equiva- can lead to dismissal of the conclusions of a trial lence margin. Certain terms continue to pose par- strated if the upper and lower limits of the 95% ticular problems. There may be contrib- (PP) analysis is usually considered statistically utory factors from both sexes, and definitions of more conservative.