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Some clinicians include at least one in- fever and cough minomycin 50 mg visa, weight gain and improved well-being, and jectable agent. Treatment should generally be contin- after cultures become negative, preferably with direct ued for at least 6 months, or 3 months after cultures become observation. If the client is symptomatic or the culture is • In the intermittent schedules, health care providers (or positive after 3 months, noncompliance or drug resistance other responsible adults) either administer the drugs or must be considered. Cultures that are positive after 6 months observe the client taking them (called DOT). This often include drug-resistant organisms, and an alternative method was developed for clients unable or unwilling to drug therapy regimen is needed. DOT increases lence of MDR-TB, guidelines for treatment have changed and adherence to and completion of prescribed courses of continue to evolve in the attempt to promote client adherence treatment. It is considered desirable for all treatment reg- to treatment and to manage MDR-TB, two of the major prob- imens and mandatory for intermittent regimens (eg, 2 or lems in drug therapy of tuberculosis. These atyp- Nursing Notes: Ethical/Legal Dilemma ical mycobacteria are found in water and soil throughout the United States. The organisms are thought to be transmitted by inhalation of droplets of contaminated water; there is no evi- Hong Pham was recently diagnosed with active tuberculosis dence of spread to humans from animals or other humans. Pham is against taking medications (isoniazid, munocompetent people but causes an opportunistic pulmonary rifampin, and ethambutol) that the doctor is prescribing, request- infection in approximately 50% of clients with advanced HIV ing that he be allowed to cure the TB with herbal remedies. Symptoms include a productive cough, weight loss, Reflect on: hemoptysis, and fever. The main drugs used in prevention of MAC disease are the • How to work with Mr.

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Finkelstein JS minomycin 100mg with mastercard, Klibanski A, Arnold dronate 70mg for the treatment of 18. Cummings SR, Black DM, Thompson AL, Toth TL, Hornstein MD, Neer postmenopausal osteoporosis. J Bone DE, et al (1998) Effect of alendronate RM (1998) Prevention of estrogen de- Miner Res 17:1988–1996 on risk of fracture in women with low ficiency-related bone loss with human 39. Guermazi A, Mohr A, Grigorian M, bone density but without vertebral parathyroid hormone-(1–34): a ran- Taouli B, Genant HK (2002) Identifi- fractures: results from the Fracture In- domized controlled trial. Dawson-Hughes B, Harris SS, Krall (2003) Lack of diagnosis and treat- 40. Harris ST, Watts NB, Genant HK, et EA, Dallal GE (1997) Effect of cal- ment of osteoporosis in men and al (1999) Effects of risedronate treat- cium and vitamin D supplementation women after hip fracture. Pharma- ment on vertebral and nonvertebral on bone density in men and women cotherapy 23:190–198 fractures in women with postmeno- 65 years of age or older. Fujita T, Inoue T, Morii H, et al pausal osteoporosis: a randomized Med 337:670–676 (1999) Effect of an intermittent controlled trial. Delmas PD, Ensrud KE, Adachi JD, weekly dose of human parathyroid With Risedronate Therapy (VERT) et al (2002) Efficacy of raloxifene on hormone (1–34) on osteoporosis: a Study Group. JAMA 282:1344–1352 vertebral fracture risk reduction in randomized double-masked prospec- 41. Hasserius R, Karlsson MK, Nilsson postmenopausal women with osteo- tive study using three dose levels. Os- BE, Redlund-Johnell I, Johnell O porosis: four-year results from a ran- teoporos Int 9:296–306 (2003) Prevalent vertebral deformities domized clinical trial. Galante J, Rostoker W, Ray RD predict increased mortality and in- crinol Metab 87:3609–3617 (1970) Physical properties of trabecu- creased fracture rate in both men and 21. Calcif Tis Res 5:236–246 women: a 10-year population-based MORE trial: multiple outcomes for 31. Gardner MJ, Flik KR, Mooar P, Lane study of 598 individuals from the raloxifene evaluation – breast cancer JM (2002) Improvement in the under- Swedish cohort in the European Ver- as a secondary end point: implications treatment of osteoporosis following tebral Osteoporosis Study. Gass R (2001) The early preclinical SN, van den Kroonenberg A, Court- once-yearly increases bone mineral diagnosis of osteoporosis measuring ney A, McMahon T (1996) Etiology density – implications for osteoporo- the pure trabecular bone density.

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Thrombophlebitis is more likely to occur with doses of more than 6 g/d for longer than 3 d buy discount minomycin 50 mg line. Give 250- to 500-mg doses over 20 to 30 min; give 1-g doses over 40 to 60 min. With aztreonam: (1) For IM administration, add 3 mL diluent per gram of drug, and inject into a large muscle mass. With imipenem/cilastatin: IV: Mix reconstituted solution in 100 mL of 0. Give 250- to 500-mg doses over 20 to 30 min; give 1-g doses over 40 to 60 min. IM: Inject deeply into a large muscle mass with a 21-gauge, 2-inch needle. Decreased signs and symptoms of the infection for which the drug is given c. Absence of signs and symptoms of infection when given prophylactically 3. Hypersensitivity—anaphylaxis, serum sickness, skin rash, See Nursing Actions in Chapter 33 for signs and symptoms. Re- urticaria actions are more likely to occur in those with previous hypersen- sitivity reactions and those with a history of allergy, asthma, or hay fever. Anaphylaxis is more likely with parenteral administration and may occur within 5 to 30 min of injection. Phlebitis at IV sites and pain at IM sites Parenteral solutions are irritating to body tissue. Nausea and vomiting May occur with all beta-lactam drugs, especially with high oral doses e.