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The main innervation of extra-fusal muscle fibres comes from large ( ) efferents discount methotrexate 2.5 mg with visa. Differences in spindles within a single species seem to be greater than the morphological differences between species. In the cat, there are differences in spindle morphology in different muscles Morphological differences between feline and Complex spindles involving more than one spindle human spindles or a spindle/tendon organ combination, and spin- dles in tandem with two or more spindles end to The differences are summarised by Prochazka & end, are common in neck muscle. Some differences in conduction velocity of the afferent may be of some functional relevance. These morphological differences ever, overall, the human spindle is slightly longer 116 Muscle spindles and fusimotor drive Fig. Ambiguous responses of a spindle afferent during graded twitch-induced contractions of tibialis anterior. Upper traces, neural activity from the afferent; lower traces,rectified EMG, with the amplification for (b ) twice that for (c ) and (d ). Upper trace, afferent potentials; lower trace, twitch force, calibration: 1 Nm. The potentials (upper trace)are displayed without filtering, after passage through a digital delay line. The oscilloscope sweep was triggered by the potential, filtered as in (b )–(e )(lower trace). The spindle is always shorter (iii) The human spindle contains more intrafusal than the muscle fibres with which it is associated, fibres (1–4 bag fibres and up to 14 chain fibres) than but muscle fibres are longer in human muscles. This would produce a greater tendency for ending of the human spindle is distributed more human spindles to be stimulated when nearby mus- around bag fibres than chain fibres. However, weaker twitch contractions in (vii) The afferent and efferent axons appear to be Fig. Methodology 117 Spindle density therefore to increase the dynamic sensitivity of the primaryending.

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