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This likely non-constancy is the reason for using Bayes’ theorem to “adjust” the post-test probability for the pretest probability of each different setting cheap luvox 50mg free shipping. Numbers refer to assumptions for transferability of test results as explained in the text and Table 6. More important assumptions are marked X and those that are less crucial are marked X. Assumption* Measures of test 3 4 5 6 Comment discriminatory power Odds ratio X X X Both of these measures are used for Area under ROC X X global assessment of discriminatory power and are transferable if the assumptions are met. Neither of them is concerned with calibration and therefore cannot be used for assessing the probability of disease in individuals Measures of 3 4 5 6 discriminatory power and calibration Predictive value X X X X Directly estimates probability of disease in individuals Sensitivity X X X Specificity X X X These three measures can be used to Likelihood ratios X X X estimate the probability of disease for a multicategory in individuals using Bayes’ theorem test *Assumptions are numbered as described in the text. The extent to which the last four assumptions are sufficient is shown in Table 6. Lack of transferability and applicability of measures of test performance We need first to distinguish artefactual variation from real variation in diagnostic performance. Artefactual variation arises when studies vary in the extent to which they incorporate study design features, such as whether consecutive patients were included, or whether the reference standard and the index test were read blind to each other. Once such artefactual sources of variation have been ruled out, we may explore the potential sources of true variation. For interventions, we consider patient, intervention, comparator, and outcome (PICO). The target condition and the reference standard used to assess it Test accuracy in any population will depend on how we define who has the target condition(s) that the test aims to detect. Clearly, the stage and spectrum of the target disease will influence the accuracy of the index test, as described later. However, even within a fixed spectrum and stage, there may be different definitions of who is “truly” diseased or not.

Physiol Rev (E) Required at least 50% of the an acute episode of exercise will have 2000;80:1215–1265 luvox 50 mg with visa. He is correctly informed Waging war on modern chronic dis- knee early in the season. The knee that during exercise, an important eases: Primary prevention through ex- requires immobilization for six weeks, factor to consider is that ercise biology. J Appl Physiol after which time the athlete undergoes (A) Muscle glucose uptake decreases in 2000;88:774–787. Genomics, genes, and environ- Immediately after rehabilitation begins, diabetes mental interaction: the role of exercise. Clin Sports Med during contraction at a fixed force increase only if endogenous or 2000;19:273–286. J Appl Physiol cells are required to perform the same insulin-independent glucose uptake 2001;90:2166–2171. Exer- (D) Oxidative energy-producing is reduced in active muscles cise training in coronary artery disease systems are up-regulated 16. N Engl J Med in the top five of her statewide high the following is a predictable effect of 2000;343:632–641. Role of exercise in preventing Encouraged, she redoubles her training pregnancy? Rheum Dis intensity, only to find that her (A) Increased average gestational Clin North Am 2001;27:131–141. After finally visiting her doctor, (B) Increased fetal weight at term and the immune system: regulation, in- her serum estrogen levels are found to (C) Decreased risk of maternal tegration, and adaptation. Potential benefits (A) Dynamic exercise endurance less (E) Decreased neonatal responsiveness and hazards of physical activity and ex- than an untrained person scores ercise on the gastrointestinal tract. CASE STUDIES FOR PART VIII • • • appears dazed, and his answers to questions are coherent CASE STUDY FOR CHAPTER 29 but slow.

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The mode in which action because the K channels open more slowly in response to potentials propagate and the speed with which they are depolarization generic luvox 50mg without prescription. This increase in Na permeability com- conducted along an axon depend on whether the axon is pared to that of K causes the membrane potential to move myelinated. The diameter of the axon also influences the toward the equilibrium potential for Na. The net effect of inactivating channels are distributed uniformly along the length of the Na channels and opening additional K channels is the axonal membrane. An action potential is generated when repolarization of the membrane (Fig. The hillock acts as a “sink” where Na afterhyperpolarization is a result of K channels remaining ions enter the cell. The “source” of these Na ions is the ex- open, allowing the continued efflux of K ions. The entry of way to think about afterhyperpolarization is that the mem- Na ions into the axon hillock causes the adjacent region brane’s permeability to K is higher than when the neuron of the axon to depolarize as the ions that entered the cell, is at rest. Consequently, the membrane potential is driven during the peak of the action potential, flow away from the even more toward the K equilibrium potential (Fig. This local spread of the current depolarizes the adja- The changes in membrane potential during an action cent region to threshold and causes an action potential in potential result from selective alterations in membrane that region. These membrane conductance of the axon, the action potential propagates or moves along changes reflect the summated activity of individual volt- the length of the axon from point to point, like a traveling age-gated sodium and potassium ion channels. This in- phases to both the decrease in sodium conductance and the crease in ion flow in the cytoplasm causes greater lengths increase in potassium conductance, and afterhyperpolariza- of the axon to be depolarized, decreasing the time needed tion to the sustained increase of potassium conductance.

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