Wondering, idly, if you can combine a mindfulness diary like this with the pomodoro technique.

Hot in my jumper that I am wearing solely to cover a toothpaste stain on my shirt. Vanity of vanities.

It is imperative to occasionally use words that people don’t know as a way of expanding vocabularies. Today’s words: chutzpah & assiduous.

The world is my oyster: squidgy, salty, and is something that makes me violently ill.

Going to put together a list of top five podcasts. For times like this, when I’m vulnerable and tired, they are great background listening.

There are some terrible human beings in the world, many of whom seem to enjoy hacking wordpress and profiting from drugs.

Heartburn, brainfuzz, eyestrain, lipcrack, fingertingle, tootache, mouthdry.

Looking at the photos of my dead colleague in happier days, wondering what photos people will use to represent my life.

Coming in an hour early is so much better. It’s quiet, you can get things done quicker, and by the time people do come in you are on a roll.

Back from a great weekend in Belfast, happy, even if I do feel a bit windswept and rained upon.

I always want to see what the inner pages of great Swiss designer’s books, not just the cover. Web design is not posters.